Help with Data and Lists

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    Your company
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    Your state
    Your phone
    Your email
    Preferred method of contact? PhoneEmail
    How did you find us? GoogleBingReferralOther

    Clean Data / List Hygiene

    Number of names on your list
    Standardize postal address? YesNo
    Postal change of address (NCOA)? YesNo
    Postal undeliverable report (A list of unverified, incorrect or erroneous addresses)? YesNo
    Search for duplicates? Exact match last nameExact match first and last nameNear match nameExact match address
    Suppress deceased recipients (Check list for recipients who have died)? YesNo
    Flag addresses without verified name (No change of address on file or expired NCOA)? YesNo
    Verify telephone number? YesNo
    Verify email address? YesNo

    Enrich Data / Add More Details to Your List

    Demographic append? (describe information about individual customers desired)
    Email append (number of missing email addresses)?
    Telephone append (number of missing phone numbers)?
    Firmographic append (describe information about business customers desired)?
    Name append to addresses (number of missing names on your list)?
    Do not call list processing (number of phone numbers to check on your list)?

    Purchase Data

    I need a list of businesses (number desired)
    I need a list of individual people (consumers) (number desired)
    I need a list of homeowners or property owners (number desired)
    I need a list of new homeowners, “new movers” (number desired)
    I need another type of list (number and description)

    Use Data

    I want help sending an email campaign YesNo
    I want more information about email sending options YesNo
    I want to send direct postal mail YesNo
    I want to prepare my list for online marketing YesNo

    Implement Data

    I want more information about setting up or optimizing my CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) YesNo
    I want to make sure that my customer list is prepared to help my organization grow YesNo
    I want more ideas about how to make my marketing better YesNo
    I want to use more technology and tools for marketing YesNo